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    Welcome in PW Medical Centre!

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    Call us on 018729495 or 0879043014!

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    Meet out team!

Welcome to the PW Medical Centre


Specialist Urologist Clinic in Dublin

In response to consumer demand for better, faster and friendlier healthcare, I would like to present you another facility and it's services, which are now available in Dublin City Centre.

PW Medical Centre has been designed to give you a warm, friendly and homey atmosphere and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you as in our motto: "Patient comes first"

Peter Wojciechowski, MD


Staff is competent and friendly - we try to help every patient quickly and efficiently.

Our aim is to make your time in our facility as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible.


Operating hours:

  09.03.2021 9:40-17:40
  10.03.2021 9:40-17:40
  11.03.2021 9:40-17:40
  23.03.2021 9:40-17:40
  24.03.2021 9:40-17:40
  25.03.2021 9:40-17:40